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To view the status of your PRTG installation, select Setup | PRTG Status from main menu. Click on the tabs to change the different settings.

PRTG Status Tabs

PRTG Status Tabs

You can view the following aspects of the PRTG status:

Cluster Status

Click the Cluster Status tab to view all nodes connected to the cluster. This tab is only available if you run PRTG in cluster mode. The following information is available:

  • Cluster Status with all connected nodes as table and graphic
  • Cluster Log with all log entries for cluster connections
Example of a PRTG Cluster Status View

Example of a PRTG Cluster Status View

Click the Start Maintenance Mode link to put a cluster node in maintenance mode. A node in this mode is still connected to the cluster, but its monitoring results are discarded until you click the Stop Maintenance Mode link. You can use this functionality to explicitly exclude a node from monitoring if you know that the monitoring values will not be accurate, for example, because you reconfigure the failover server. During maintenance, a cluster node is displayed with a transparent color in the overview graphic.

icon-i-roundOn this page, you will not see if your remote probes are connected to failover nodes. Please connect to your failover nodes and check explicitly if remote probes are connected (for example, in the device tree of the PRTG web interface on a cluster node).

icon-book-arrowsFor more information about cluster settings, see section System Administration—Cluster.

icon-prtg-on-demandThis feature is not available in PRTG in the cloud.



There are some settings that you must make in the PRTG Administration Tool, available as native Windows application. For more details, please see the sections: